Evangelization is not a dirty word.

The Course

When you take a look at your parish, would you say that the primary purpose of it is to evangelize? It should be.

When you look at the lives of most Catholics you know, would you say that they exist to evangelize? It should be.

Pope Paul VI explained that the Church
"exists in order to evangelize."

Evangelization is the primary reason for her existence!

It’s not just one the things that the Church should do, it is THE thing she MUST do.

In this 5-part video course, Michael Marchand breaks down Catholic evangelization – encouraging all of us to embrace our Gospel call to go out and make disciples!

Five Video Lessons 90 Minutes of Content

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ABOUT  Michael

Michael is a preacher, teacher, and innovator who is focused on serving his (second) favorite group of people on the planet: Catholic youth ministers. After years of working in parish youth ministry, Michael cofounded ProjectYM to do just that.

Since then, his work with ProjectYM has taken him across the country and around the world – training, equipping, and supporting thousands of youth ministry leaders...and letting them know that they matter.

The What

Evangelization. Say it with me. Evangelization. Since the foundation of the Church, it has been our primary calling and our core identity. However, most Catholics are deeply uncomfortable with hearing or saying "evangelization". They treat “evangelization” like it’s like a dirty word.

‍During this session, Michael takes you through exactly what evangelization is in a Catholic context – and what it’s not. The content covered in this session creates the foundation for the rest of this series.


The WhY

Pope Francis explained that "it is our own identity" that serves "our fundamental point of reference". Insisting that "we cannot engage in real dialogue unless we are conscious of our own identity" and that "it is from this deep identity [and] profound reality that our dialogue begins."

In this session, Michael unpacks why we evangelize – and how it is central to our deepest identity as Catholics.


The Who

According to Pope Francis, "anyone who has truly experienced God’s saving love does not need much time or lengthy training to go out and proclaim that love."

The truth is, we are all called to evangelize – but even if we intellectually know that, how many of us live it out?

In this session, Michael breaks down some of the most common excuses people have for not evangelizing and explores how we can overcome those objections.


The Where

Jesus commands us to be his "witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8).

This session, Michael uses that command to define where we are called to evangelize – and how we are to use our own spheres of influence to share their Gospel.


The How

After breaking down the what, why, who and where of evangelization, we arrive at the most important part of the course: the how.

In the final session of the course, Michael walks through practical steps and tips for actively evangelizing.

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