Evangelization is not a dirty word.

The Live Event

When you take a look at your parish, would you say that the primary purpose of it is to evangelize? It should be.

When you look at the lives of most Catholics you know, would you say that they exist to evangelize? It should be.

Pope Paul VI explained that the Church
“exists in order to evangelize.”

Evangelization is the primary reason for her existence!

It’s not just one the things that the Church should do, it is THE thing she MUST do.


This one day training is based on "The E Word" (by Michael Marchand).

Participants will not only learn what evangelization is (and why it's important), but they'll get practical training on exactly HOW to share their faith.

You'll even get the opportunity to practice crafting and sharing your story with others.


We'll work with your parish to create a format that best fits in to the parish life of your community. Some potential ideas:
  1. A Saturday evening program that includes Mass and dinner.
  2. A stand-alone Saturday or Sunday afternoon event.
  3. Offer it as a multi-day parish mission.
  4. Build it into your weekly youth night with an added parent/adult component.


Michael Marchandauthor of The E Word and cofounder of ProjectYM
Michael is a preacher, teacher, and innovator who spends most days focused on serving his (second) favorite group of people on the planet: Catholic youth ministers.

Michael's ministry has taken him across the country and around the world – training, equipping, and supporting thousands of Catholic ministry leaders.
Kedon GumersonFounder of Kinetic Catholic
Kedon is a 17 year old Catholic evangelist, YouTube apologist, speaker, and radio show host. Kedon has shared the gospel with teenagers across the country – speaking at various schools, parishes, and events.

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